-10 Prozent auf Chin Min

Den gesamten April erhalten Sie 10% Rabatt auf unser CHIN MIN-Sortiment! Die Aktion ist gültig in unserem Online-Shop und nicht mit anderen Rabatten kombinierbar.
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Gleich los-shoppen!

Hier geht es zu unseren Top-Sellern:
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MOHN süchtig!

Unsere Mohnserie hat Zuwachs bekommen: in Form eines feinen Gesichtsöls mit Vitamin E, einer herrlich duftenden Körpermilch und einer natürlich beruhigenden Handcreme. Natürlich Austria BIO zertifiziert!
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Der neue BIO Bag-Kosmetikbeutel

Mit unserem neuen BIO Bag-Kosmetikbeutel sagen wir einfach mal "DANKE"!

Bis 30. April 2021 gibt es zu jeder Bestellung aus dem Rosengarten-Sortiment ab 50 Euro Warenwert den tollen BIO Bag-Kosmetikbeutel im Wert von 17,90 Euro GRATIS!

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For demanding skin

Alpin Derm Box
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NEW: Rosegarden INTENSIVE Gesichtspflege

Alpin Derm

Ideally suited for sensitive skin. Order your free sample from gratisproben@styx.at
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Important information: There may be delays in delivery due to the corona virus


STYX Natural Cosmetics: regional, sustainable and natural - we process the best that nature has to offer! Only high-quality natural cosmetics can be awarded with highly controlled raw materials with high efficiency. For our STYX natural cosmetics we use either plant-based raw materials from Austria or from the product-related home of plants and herbs, e.g. Lavender from Provence.

We strictly control the ingredients in our cosmetics products. From here, we only process herbs from organic cultivation or wild growth, cold-pressed plant oils, or 100% pure, essential oils.
Want to know about cosmetics and animal testing? Looking for tips for body care? Want to know more about the ingredients of our vegan cosmetics? Then you are right with us! In our STYX online shop you can find out about natural cosmetics and order directly online.

vegan, animal-free and organic

The recipes for our STYX natural cosmetics combine superior knowledge, years of experience and state-of-the-art production technology. So every day we create a bridge between tradition and modern, between man and nature.
Our cosmetics have been awarded with certificates that have the highest quality: It is obvious that STYX natural cosmetics will be restored without animal testing. Our vegan cosmetics are marked with the Vegan logo, which states that STYX products are 100% free of animal-based ingredients. Our certified biocosmetics have been tested to the standards of established international certification bodies such as ICADA or ECOCERT.

In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality and best efficiency for our STYX natural cosmetics.
Do you want to be convinced of the naturalness and quality of our products? Simply claim a free product sample at gratisproben@styx.at!

In our STYX online shop you will find only the best that nature has to offer: from certified natural cosmetics to handmade organic chocolates. Discover the variety of our offers and order them easily and uncomplicated online!

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